If you have a dream for doing something meaningful – an idea, project, or business – that can bring positive lasting change to the world, never give up on your dream. Never never allow fear of failing keep you from pursuing it.

Here are some basic, but important things you want to do to keep your dream alive.

Share your dream.

Share your dream with anyone who will listen. The more you talk about it, the more your idea will crystallize in your thinking. As this happens, you will be able to better verbalize it and eventually be able to articulate your dream.

Write it down.

Set aside some time each day for a few weeks to write about your dream. As you write your dream down on paper, it will begin to crystallize in your thinking.

This is a major step in you seeing that you have something worth pursuing. When you write your dream down, it becomes a vision. Once you have a vision, you can begin to plan.

Make a plan.

A plan gives feet to your dream which is now a vision for its success that you will share with the world. The more planning you do, the less likely there is to run into unforeseen circumstances or obstacles. As you begin to write out your plan, don’t be concerned about the details at this point. Just get the broad strokes of your dream down on paper and how you see it coming to pass. We recommend visiting SBA.gov and learning about how to write a business plan. If you would rather leave this to the professionals, Soteria Global partners with other organizations to help draft business plans.

Start simple.

Make a check list of things you need to learn, things you need to research, and things that you need to do. This list will become your daily reminder of those things that need to take place if you want to see your dream become a reality. Remember, the small daily incremental steps that you take towards your goals which bring you success. You don’t need to do everything in a day. Prioritize your list and begin to work down your list based on the priorities.

Refine your plan.

Potential investors and funding sources like to see that you have done your homework. Seek out wise counsel. Do your research. Become an expert in what you are doing by learning everything there is to know about what you want to do. As you do this exercise in due diligence, you will begin to see your plan grow wings and fly.

Seek funding.

Once you can formalize your plan on paper, you can get it funded. If you have a good idea and have gathered a crowd of people or organizations who are excited and optimistic about what you plan to do, you will find the money you need.

The important thing to remember is that if you believe in what you are doing and are passionate about it, your vision will not die. You will be able to see it come to pass as more and more people get behind you and start to help.

Most of all, remain steadfast in your goal to see your dream become a reality. Be patient. Work hard. Never doubt yourself or your abilities. Stay focused. Your vision will come to pass.