Community Redevelopment


Soteria Gardens and Community Centers

Soteria Gardens and Community CentersAmong all of the projects that offer one of the greatest opportunities to assist the underserved who have become dependent upon public charity and welfare, Soteria Gardens and Community Centers is what many Soteria collaborators believe to be the most exciting of all. This is an urban community re-education and re-development project whose mission is:

  • to provide educational tutoring, character development mentoring, and training in social responsibility,
  • to encourage an alternative to minimal subsistence through sustainable agriculture, vocational training, continuing adult education, and long term mentorship,
  • to teach individuals and organizations how to become producers in society and not just consumers,
  • to show the underserved of the communities we serve how to be outward focused in their communities and to the world,
  • to provide those we serve with a renewed hope and enthusiasm to thrive in living and not just survive,
  • to dramatically reduce and/or end the dependency of community members on taxpayer funded charity, entitlements, and subsidy programs that undermine their dignity and self-worth, and
  • to be a bridge from the communities we serve to a world of opportunities that will allow community members to achieve their fullest potential in life.

Imagine if you will, a place

  • where children can come to a neighborhood community center where safety and encouragement are given in generous portions;
  • where children and adults can receive academic tutoring, personal development skills, vocational training, and long term mentorship from outward focused teachers, college students, and community business owners;
  • where sustainable agriculture, small business success, and enterprise is taught through continuing young adult and adult education through hands on experience;
  • where a community center that is multi-generational, multi-cultural, and fully dedicated to producing producers and not consumers – where the need for food stamps, welfare, and government charity and subsidies are no longer needed;
  • where the dignity of those we seek to afford a better life is bolstered by their exposure to the free enterprise system and social responsible business owners and community leaders that are dedicated to giving others a hand up in life.
  • where the underserved communities that we are established in will be able to increase the average income per household from the help, instruction, encouragement, and empowerment they receive.

This is what Soteria Gardens and Community Centers are all about. Are you interested in helping? Let us know! We have a place for you in our efforts waiting to be filled.