soteria_art3Our mindset and vision are intertwined.

We believe everyone in the world deserves to have a quality of life that ensures their health, safety, and well-being.

We believe the well-being of the world begins with individuals actively working together towards a common goal of making the world a better and safer place to live and to raise children.

We believe every business owner/entrepreneur has a moral obligation to address the social ills of the world, starting with the communities they operate their business in and then reaching outward to affect positive change in the world at large.

We believe that it is NOT big government who is responsible to solve the social ills, inequities, and injustices of the world, but rather individuals and business enterprise who put social and community equity before stakeholder equity.

We believe that it is possible to teach, encourage, empower, and mentor individuals who have ideas, innovations, inventions and entrepreneurial skills to be successful in their business endeavors, and in doing so, for those we help to be able to give generously to the needs of the communities they operate in or serve – whether locally or globally.

We desire to capitalize upon the creative energy of social entrepreneurs around the world, to develop socially responsible companies, initiatives, programs, non-governmental organizations, and/or non-profit organizations who will contribute generously to individuals, causes, initiatives, and communities in need of assistance, as a practical way of righting the social wrongs of our world.