applications to connect you better Soteria Interactive is a growing group of like-minded social entrepreneurs whose focus is to develop smart phone applications that solve everyday problems and provide useful tools for families, business, non-profits, and government.  Our goal for the projects that we undertake is the same as it is with any project we focus on – to make a notable difference in the world we live in when it comes to helping the less fortunate, those who are treated unjustly, and those who are taken advantage of. The following are two such projects:

Social Networking

soteria_social_landing_page_1_ixoyeAn application now in production is an organizational social network that can be used by both for profit and not for profit organizations to connect an organization’s workforce and management team in real time interactive collaboration in a secured web-based environment. We are still working on a suitable brand name for this project that will accurately reflect our proposed offering(s).

Enterprise Building

An application that will allow business professionals and entrepreneurs to plan and build enterprise more quickly, i.e. a web-based enterprise development network application that is smart phone ready. This application will make it easy for an individual who has an idea, innovation, or invention to quickly work through the innovation process that is necessary in order to get the necessary funding and support to make their dream a reality.