Our Name

Soteria Global’s name is significant within the scope of its vision. The word Soteria (so-tay-ree’-ah) is from the Greek word meaning deliverance, safety, preservation and salvation. The word Soteria reflects our conviction to reach and to assist all who suffer under the weight of the world’s social ills and injustices – rescuing those from the hands of the selfish, the greedy, and those who lack compassion. We chose Global because it reflects our intentions and the scope of our vision. We are resolute in our goal to make a lasting positive difference in the world by addressing social ills, injustices, and the misfortunes of others no matter where they are.

We are Social Entrepreneurs

  • Social entrepreneurs are driven by creative innovation and the shared conviction of finding solutions to social problems.
  • Whether it is raising awareness or raising financial support for a social ill, social entrepreneurs are passionate about making positive change in the world around them.
  • Social entrepreneurs seek to create and sustain social value through their efforts.
  • Social entrepreneurs are motivated to make a difference in the world and not just to make money.
  • Social entrepreneurs are passionate about not only giving to the needs of others, but empowering others to be self sufficient.

Whether it is rescuing children out of sex slavery, underwriting homeless rehabilitation initiatives, or initiatives that help, encourage, and empower at-risk teens and the under-served of our society to become responsible productive members of society through long-term mentoring programs, we want to make a positive impact on society. To this end, every enterprise Soteria Global undertakes or partners with others in, is for the express purpose of raising awareness of a particular social ill, social injustice, or misfortune that befalls a group of people, and the financial support needed to address it.

If you are a social entrepreneur, or think that you have the desire to become one, we hope you will consider joining us. We will be excited to hear what you have in mind and how you think we could help you be successful in making a lasting positive difference in the world.